oh wow u have a really well organized blog :o i saw that ur an intj, do u have any advice on figuring out what ur type is because im stuck in between intj and infp


*chuckles with embarrassment* Yes, I can hardly control my organizational urges. ^///^;

Besides reading many of the different profiles there are, deeply thinking about yourself and experimenting with what you do and how you take everything in to see which type applies the most to you, here are some points that helped me figure out whether I was INTJ or INFP. I wish I had quicker solutions for you, but there is so much to consider when these two types can be so similar!

Sometimes telling apart INTJs from INFPs can be very difficult. There are some very artistic and emotion-driven INTJs that look like INFPs and some very reserved and determined INFPs that look like INTJs. Apparently people of both of these types usually are very able to emulate the other’s default and/or stereotypical behaviors at will and become pretty much indistinguishable as types. Maybe something like this is the kind of overlap that you’re experiencing?

On one hand you’d have a seemingly INFP who’s actually more of an INTJ (whose primary four functions are Ni Te Fi Se) determined to explore, develop and manifest their artistic, compassionate and philosophical side. However, this might only or much more fully be accessed and acknowledged if it’s in accordance with their greater vision (Ni) and what they deem logical (Te) (measuring pros and cons and finding it justified and/or worthwhile).  Meanwhile, an INFP may be more naturally inclined to this regardless of its usefulness.

On the other hand you’d have a seemingly INTJ who’s actually more of an INFP (whose primary four functions are Fi Ne Si Te) having a deep and strong conviction to get themselves through a set of tasks they don’t personally find appealing for the sake of what they feel is right (Fi) and won’t let it go until they know they’ve done their part among all the implications they see (Ne) and are at peace with it. Meanwhile, an INTJ may be more likely to be satisfied being task and goal oriented so long as it’s mentally stimulating and/or leads to a greater and worthy end.

So rather than looking only at the personality profile manifested in the person, we should also look into the why and the how it’s done to tell apart INTJ from INFP.

Also, for reference, here are some behaviors that can be found more often in one type than the other:

INTJs are more likely to have a face that looks like this >:[ while processing. (“I’m not angry, I’m just thinking.”)
INFPs are more likely to have a face that looks more like this :I or this :T. (“It’s just… I don’t know.”)

INTJs are more likely to feel the need to change the systems around them and around people they care about to something better for them. (“The world has to be rearranged and improved for us, or else I’ll want it destroyed, or at least away from us!”)
INFPs are more likely to feel the need to reach into themselves and into the people they care about to make it better. (“I’m so sorry you had to go through this. Is there anything I can do to help you feel better?” *proceeds to practice divinely inspired soul healing*)

INTJs are more likely to have a communication style that is rash and cutting. (“Yes, but sadly, this isn’t the way things are. If you do X and Y, you’re going to get Z, not A. If you want to get A, you better do M, N and O or R and S, or something else, but definitely not X and Y, unless you want to deal with Z.”)
INFPs are more likely to have a communication style that flows and feels silky-smooth. (-insert words nobly threaded together that bounce, caress, glow, shimmer, nourish and lift with meaning-)

INTJs are more likely to give off an arrogance vibe. (“Humans…”)
INFPs are more likely to give off a dreamy vibe. (“Such a rotten yet beautiful world…”)

INTJs are more likely to not feel very comfortable with expressing sentimentalism unless they go through arduous training and/or mental preparation to do so. (“Omg, this is so sappy. I’m pretty sure I look ridiculous doing this. This isn’t for me. Is there another way around this, please? Well, here, take this I made for you, and now let’s change the topic.”)
INFPs are more likely to more readily validate sentimentalism and more freely express it to those they trust and love. (“Wait, I need you to know how special and wonderful you truly are to me…”*proceeds to graceful display of love*)

INTJs are more likely to find it harder to compromise and resent going out of their way for others. (“Either we help each other with what we need and want or we’re in each others’ way and wasting our time!”)
INFPs are more likely to have less trouble creating and maintaining common ground as long their deeper principles aren’t violated. (“We’re in this together, let’s make it ideal!”)

INTJs are more likely to hate feeling victimized by someone else’s wrongdoing as it makes them feel less powerful. (“You can savor this little victory now, but this isn’t over and I will so prove myself above this in the end.” *fueled by shame and anger, is aggressively driven to self-improvement*)
INFPs are more likely to be baffled that it was done in the first place. (“How could you?!”)

INTJs are more likely to dismiss and deny the things they care about when they’re inconvenient. (“Pfft, I don’t care; I have more important things to do anyway.” *some time later* “Why’s this thing still crossing my mind? It’s distracting and pointless. And I don’t care. I don’t. Maybe there’s something I need to understand about it so it can stop bugging me. Yes, maybe it’s just that.”)
INFPs are more likely to admit to and venerate them, as well as dwell in all their intrinsic qualities. (“I could get lost here forever…”)

INTJs are more likely to be read as cold and uncaring while they are actually being very loving. (“What?! Isn’t it blatantly obvious that I’ve been doing all this because of and for you???”)
INFPs are more likely to be patronized while they are actually being very firm and serious. (“The last thing I need right now is someone telling me I look adorable!”)

INTJs are more likely to smirk with amusement.
INFPs are more likely to smile warmly with affection.

And so on…

I realize this might not be enough to finally determine which type you are most like, so please feel free to let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to clarify, elaborate on, cover or discuss.

(If anyone else also wants to add anything to this, I’ll appreciate it!)

For more, there’s this post by stuff-infps-say,
Why INFPs Get Confused With Other Types: INTJs (and Vice Versa)

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I swear I’m not even two minutes in and I couldn’t resist.

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I said “have a nice day!” to this old dude and apparently that’s not fucking good enough because he retrieved his wallet and from like a stack of 30 of these things pulled one out and gave it to me and said something like “I hope you reconsider your choices next time”

holy shit

This is the most self entitled shit i’ve seen all day

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nickelodeon gets rid of legend of korra

then proceeds to cancel every show

until only full house remains

full house 24/7 on nickelodeon

full house will reign supreme

no one will see it coming

whatever happened to predictability

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Andrew Shek

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There has only been five female characters comfirmed playable compared to fifteen male characters.

I’m amazed at those exact numbers because 33% is the point where men will start thinking there’s a majority of women in a group.

I’m no sexist but women can’t do X

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I could be drawing right now
—me every single minute of the day 24/7 (via yuunachi)
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